Shining a light
on Millennial

Our programs and workshops are designed for the purpose-led Millennial.

Backed by our extensive research, we have created a framework focused on empowering self-development, leadership, and ambition.


Our 1:1 Coaching program guides you through a bespoke, proven business
building process with an expert coach to support you and keep you accountable
to achieve your goals. This program includes:

Strategic Planning & Goal Setting with Accountability: You'll set up an agreed
schedule of personal 1:1 sessions with one of our expert business coaches to
give you laser-focussed business guidance & hard-hitting accountability.

Options for 3 months, 6 months and 12-month programs: Depending on
where you are at you can opt to work with us over the short, medium or long
term. You will also have unlimited access to your coach via email & phone
between sessions.

Unlimited Support: You will also have unlimited access to your coach between
sessions and the duration of your coaching engagement.


Are you stuck in a rut? We have all been there, you have all these grand plans
for the future or how you would like life to be but somehow you always end up
biting off more than you can chew and back to where you started.

Would you like to finally feel worthy of the happiness and success you deserve,
well it’s time to silence your inner critic and finally achieve all those goals you
have for yourself!

This personal 6 week coaching program aims to help you create a clear vision for
your future, so that you can finally achieve your dreams! Working together in
weekly one-on-one private coaching sessions we will:

+ Create a clear road-map of what you want your future to look like
+ Develop exciting achievable goals and an easy to follow action plan to make it happen
+Discover your core values to create more focus in all areas of your life
+ Free yourself of listening to the crippling negative self-talk
+ Reconnect with your true purpose and learn how to manage your time to be more present
+ Overcome your fear of failure and rejection
+ Ongoing support over the 6 weeks to start taking action and keep focused


Do you struggle to get your message across? Maybe you are a new leader
or wanting to polish your skills so you can be more dynamic communicator
or coach?

At Generation Us we truly believe that communication underpins everything
and as such we are passionate about creating a coaching and feedback

We run free events with our sister company HR Gurus so you can get a taste
of our secret weapon when it comes to communication. Book in now.

But that’s not all! We also offer 1 day Coaching & Communication Workshops
or a 6 day Accredited Coaching Course if you are serious about becoming a

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