A Study on the Australian
Millennial Workforce

You might be wondering why we self-funded our own research study. What made us become so passionate about Millennials? Well, the honest reason is that we, as HR professionals, have been getting it all wrong when it came to recruiting and managing this entire generation.

And we really didn’t have all the answers, because we were experiencing the same issues in our own team.

We’ve had many failed attempts at hiring and retaining Gen Y’s – who appeared flighty and difficult to manage.

When we first decided to dedicate our time to truly understand Generation Y, the available public research we found on Millennials was very consumer based, extremely general, really outdated,

and a great deal of the published data came out of the United States. There was nothing specifically focusing on Australian Millennial employee workplace behaviours.

So, we decided to have over 1,000 Australian Millennials in the workforce born between 1981–1995 (aged 23-37) surveyed to get their side of the story.

We asked them what they want in terms of:

  • What their motivations and attitudes are towards work
  • What is important to them about work
  • Why they behave differently to other generations
  • Career progression
  • What motivates them

This unique study was conducted by Honeycomb Strategy. The survey was created using our decades of experience working in the Human Resource and Leadership fields. Meaning the design of the survey and methodology allowed us to gain first of its kind insights into Millennials in the workplace.

What we learnt shocked us. But it’s good news. And it’s time to share it.

This study will give you an awareness of who Millennials are and why they are the way they are. In our latest FREE eBook available for free download below, we give you current facts on Millennial employee behaviour and discuss their values and motivations.

Everything you
think you know
about Millennials
is wrong.
Here’s a snapshot of our research:
of Millennials have
stayed in a job for
more than 3 years.
of Millennials identify
pay/salary as a key to
choice of employer.
Millennials currently
have direct reports in
the workplace.
of Millennials leave
their jobs due to
management issues.

With newfound insight into the so called “Me me me” generation and qualitative data specific to the Australian workplace Emily Jaksch, in her ground-breaking eBook dispels many of the Millennial Myths we’ve all believed:

  • Millennials are unreliable job hoppers
  • Millennials are seeking more life than work, in their work/life balance
  • Millennials are lazy, immature and most are still living at home with their parents
  • Millennials are a bunch of “kidults” who are 5 years behind other generations in terms of work/life experience
  • And much much more!

Everything you think you know about Millennials is wrong. It’s time to change the dialogue and build the next generation of Millennial leaders.